Minesweeper pico - How to play this game


When all the grids other than a mine are opened, it is the game clear!
It is game over when a mine is opened.

[About the grid of a number]

It is meant how many mines an adjoining grid has.
For example, in the case of 2, it means that the surroundings have two mines as shown in the following figure.

[Let's stand a flag to a place with a mine!]

As shown in the following figure, when the position of a mine can be pinpointed, let's stand a flag and make it not open a grid.

** it can do in a double tap, a tap hold (continue pushing), and a menu icon
Change by setup is possible.

[Tap a number!]

The number of numbers is the same as the number of flags, and if the tap of the number is carried out, other cells which are not opened can be opened collectively.

** If the tap of the number of a yellow arrow is carried out, three of red arrows can be opened collectively.
Most will become the work which carries out the tap of flag length and the number, if the grid is opened and a mine is specified.